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Unexpected Echo intensity increase in DOSY

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Hi, I ran a typical dosy expt and got an unexpected increase on echo intensity in the begining of the array. The first ...
Posted: fid 139 / Updated: mikaelastewart 11 Jun 03 '13 at 09:14

Concentration-dependent signal fine splitting

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Hi, I have synthesized coproporphyrin II tetramethyl ester and taken a 1H NMR in CDCl3: http://illumina-chemie.de/uplo...
Posted: Jan Hartmann 33 / Updated: Gareth Morris 71 Mar 19 '13 at 02:54

distorted DOSY ID

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Why are some Dosy spectra 1d so distorted (like the one below)?. How can this be overcome? ...
Posted: @ 11 / Updated: Umayal Rakesh 1 Mar 30 '15 at 00:08

Odd distortion in HOD peak in 1D DOSY (stebpgp1s)

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I have a small distortion in the HOD peak in my 1D DOSY spectra. However, it only occurs for the HOD signal and no other...
Updated: cyg 36 Jan 03 '12 at 21:45

How to process DOSY data in Mnova?

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Hi we have a DOSY dataset aquired using Doneshot.c sequence on a varian instrument. Will MNOVA process the dataset? Th...
Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Sep 09 '10 at 12:07

How many peaks should be in DOSY spectrum of D2O sample?

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Hello, I've recorded a DOSY data set and processed with Bayesian DOSY transform. There seem to be at least two peaks in ...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: Adolfo Botana 91 Sep 02 '10 at 09:59

How to process DOSY data by using MestReNova?

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This is my first time in doing DOSY experiment. i got the data but dont know how to process it. ...
Posted: Kiu Chor Sham 11 / Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Jun 16 '12 at 09:36

DOSY deep signal distortions

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Hi heveryone, I'm trying to run some DOSY experiments, but the resulting spectra are VERY distorted, and this is not jus...
Updated: Ruggero 3 Jun 26 '13 at 23:02

Individually phase pseudo-2d DOSY spectra?

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Hello, I have a DOSY data set in TopSpin and I'd like to extract diffusion coefficients for two small peaks in the spec...
Posted: DBritt 1 / Updated: Ignacio Pérez-Victoria 1 Oct 29 '13 at 01:47

problem with large dosy files

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Hello, I run DOSY expt successfully but my dosy files are very massive and they take up large amounts of disk space. Ho...
Updated: elham 3 Jan 16 '15 at 07:57

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