13C-NMR with 31P coupling

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Hello, I am the first time confronted with a 13C-NMR, in which a coupling between the 13C and 31-P cores takes place. I ...
Posted: Sabine Sun 1 Oct 21 at 13:32

19F or 31P dosy

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Hi, I have run 19F and 31P dosy using ledbpgg2s program from Bruker, I obtain good decreasing curves as expected, with u...
Posted: AnneBaudouin 1 Oct 17 at 01:18

help understanding varian command

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can someone4 explain how the tssub command works. For example, for phi4[1] = {1} ; settable(t4, 1, phi4) ; what does...
Posted: kaustubh sinha 1 / Updated: Zhang 1 Sep 27 at 03:23


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What is the shape of the graph between intensity and contact time for different spin rate in CP? ...
Posted: sreenath K 1 / Updated: Zhang 1 Sep 25 at 21:36

lock, gradient shimming and acquisition in vnmrj

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Dear all, I want to write a macro that run lock, gradient shimming and acquisition in VnmrJ. I tried two ways, but fail...
Updated: Zhang 1 Sep 24 at 18:43

NMR saturation

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My doubts are about NMR saturation. Saturation is caused by a continued impulse and cause the equalization in spin popol...
Posted: Youlsea 1 Aug 29 at 08:11

Nuclei with quadrupolar moment, quadrupolar interaction, 23Na MRI

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Hello! I'd like to understand the application of quadrupolar effects in MRI. I read different materials on this topic b...
Posted: Philipp Barrett 1 Apr 01 at 13:01

ROESY NMR in Bruker

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Since ROESY uses a cw spin-lock, is it safe to set up a mixing time of 500ms? If I want a roesy spin-lock strength of 2....
Posted: visi 1 / Updated: Pete Gierth 401 Mar 30 at 03:32

dipolar coupling in nmr

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how can i understand the effect of dipolar coupling in cp spectrum? ...
Posted: sreenath K 1 Mar 23 at 09:52

cp nmr graph for intensity vs contact time

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i got a sinusoidal graph for intensity vs contact time graph in CP.how can explain the theory behind this? ...
Posted: sreenath K 1 Mar 21 at 22:06
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