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I used to use spinworks to process simple 1D NMR (because it was easy and I didn't felt like paying for topspin). But I've changed to a MAC and spinworks doesn't run well on the monodeveloper. I was planning on testing NMRLab or matNMR. Does anyone has any experience with either one? I need to be able to convert the process data in X Y points and also be able to save in a format that is compatible with illustrator.


asked Aug 28 '15 at 18:26

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There is a new Java based version of SpinWorks (in alpha test) that will run on Macs.

See ftp://davinci.chem.umanitoba.ca/pub/marat/SpinWorks and follow the links



answered Sep 27 '16 at 07:21

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Kirk Marat

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