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Hello, I've started using Varian instrument at UCI two years ago and I use nmrPipe to process the data.

This one thing I do not understand - why do we have to use -yMode Complex in the conversion script when the data is actually recorded with States-TPPI mode?

I remember that for Bruker data we used to explicitly say -yMode States-TPPI to convert the instrument data into nmrPipe format.

Is there a difference in the method of storing such data on Bruker and Varian instruments?


asked Mar 03 '10 at 13:50

Evgeny%20Fadeev's gravatar image

Evgeny Fadeev

updated Mar 03 '10 at 14:01

I've noticed this as well. Data described by Varian as States-TPPI actually processes as States in SpinWorks. I think they may have phase cycling on the receiver that actually turns the data into States. You just have to flip the sign of every 3rd and 4th fid. - Kirk Marat (Mar 04 '10 at 12:22)

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Kirk's answer is correct. Varian/Agilent pulse programs explicitly program the inversion of the receiver for every 3rd and 4th FID. All States TPPI sequences in the Bruker library omit this step and multiply the 3rd and 4th FID with -1 before processing.


answered Jun 06 '10 at 15:14

Clemens%20Anklin's gravatar image

Clemens Anklin

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