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I'm an NMR newbie. I know isotope filtering can be used to study a complex under slow exchange, but for fast-exchange, is it possible to acquire only the intramolecular NOEs of the receptor as opposed to intermolecular NOEs between the receptor and ligand? I just want the contacts in the receptor. Thanks.

asked Feb 05 '12 at 19:12

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Student Tim

updated Feb 05 '12 at 19:18

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Hi Tim,

4D 13C,13C-edited and 15N,13C-edited NOESY experiments will show only the intramolecular NOEs of the labeled molecule. Instead of running the 4D experiments, it might be simpler to analyze a 3D 13C-edited NOESY-HSQC experiment and compare the results to a 3D F1-filtered, F3-edited NOESY-HSQC experiment, e.g., Zwahlen et al. JACS 1997, 119, 6711-6721. In the later experiment only the intermolecular NOEs between the unlabeled and labeled molecule will appear, which should allow you to assign these in the standard 3D 13-edited NOESY HSQC experiment, and could be used for structure determination of the complex. A Varian auto Pbox version of the filtered experiment is available from Lewis Kay's lab.

Good Luck, Eugene


answered Feb 28 '12 at 12:56

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Eugene DeRose

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