Helium recovery system

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How do I configure a helium recovery system that won't perturb my magnet's stability? I'm concerned that just hooking ...
Posted: jkurutz 131 / Updated: Jerry Hirschinger 199 Jul 23 '14 at 10:45

What is the optimal sample length with Shigemi tubes?

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Our coil area length is 16 mm. Should we be making samples exactly 16 mm long in the Shigemi tubes for the best sensitiv...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: Charlie Fry 91 Aug 15 '10 at 14:03

A puzzle about NMRPipe COADD with -time option.

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... Following up on a previous question about processing interleaved gNhsqc_IPAP.c data where IP/AP is on the inner loop...
Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Jan 15 '10 at 16:49

Vertically separate stacked plot of 1D spectra in MNova

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hey, I found that it's quite easy to make plots of NMR spectra with MNova! I've tried a stacked plot feature for a bunc...
Posted: Magnethead 42 / Updated: Mestrelab 56 Dec 14 '09 at 00:25

Reduced dimensionality experiments in BioPack

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could anyone suggest pulse sequences that are available in Varian's BioPack that can be readily run in reduced-dimension...
Posted: Magnethead 42 / Updated: David Leonen 1 Apr 11 '10 at 22:26

How to process gNhsqc_IPAP.c data with nmrPipe?

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Hello, I know that this problem has been discussed a number of times on the nmrPipe newsgroup and there are some helpfu...
Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Mar 03 '10 at 13:11

How well should one shim for solution Bio-NMR?

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Hello, I am aware that field inhomogeniety will impact performance of multi-pulse experiments but by how much? Say I h...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: sekhar Talluri 621 Feb 11 '10 at 09:01

Natrual line-width of 1H, 13C, 15N, 31P nuclei in biomolecules.

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What are typical magnitudes in Hertz of resonance line width of proton, carbon-13, nitrogen-15 and phosphorus-31 in biol...
Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Nov 26 '09 at 12:01

ASCII to nmrPipe format conversion of 2D complex time domain data

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I have a 2D complex time domain set stored in ASCII format. I want to be able to process it using nmrPipe. Unfortunately...
Posted: hasancelik 48 / Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Dec 10 '09 at 07:01

Header for Varian fid file

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I have an fid file (for a 2D experiment) that I would like to process in vnmr. I am aware that an fid file requires a c...
Posted: KevinJD 16 / Updated: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 Jan 18 '10 at 11:25


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