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I am familiarizing myself with NMRPipe and I have a question similar to the one already asked (http://qa.nmrwiki.org/question/145/what-software-can-copy-peak-assignments-for-2d-t1-and-t2-relaxation-rate-data-analysis). I want to perform assignments in one spectrum and transfer them to another one. I have used ipap.tcl as advised, but the peak heights got also propagated into the new file. Is it possible to re-read the heights from the spectrum for the generated assignment table?

The syntax I used was: ipap.tcl -specName1 assigned.ft -specName2 unassigned.ft -inName1 assignments.tab -assName assignments.tab -jy 0

Thank you, Vitaly

asked Jun 13 '11 at 14:16

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Hi Vitaly,

The problem you're having is that you used the assigned peak table for both the input and the assignments. You need to peak pick the spectrum you're trying to assign first (i.e. create unassigned.tab), then use the script to transfer the assignments. The output file should have the peak characteristics you want with the assignments added. Also, you shouldn't need two spectra. Here's the syntax I've used to do this many times:

ipap.tcl -single -specName1 unassigned.ft2 -inName1 unassigned.tab -outName newassign.tab -assName assignments.tab -jy 0

Cheers, Andrew


answered Jun 14 '11 at 06:48

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Andrew Fowler

Thank you. To make sure: I have to manually pick peaks in the new spectrum and only then I can use the ipap.tcl. So is the purpose of the latter just to fill the ASS column of the peak table? I was hoping it would carry over the peak positions too, reading the intensities from the current spectrum. - vvostri (Jun 14 '11 at 09:54)

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