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Anyone know any websites or papers that show protein degradation in an HSQC for example? I wanted to know what to look for in old samples when I have them. Either that, or could someone put one up on the wiki for me to look at?

asked Jul 13 '10 at 02:55

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updated Aug 08 '10 at 16:13

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Evgeny Fadeev

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When I get degredation of my protein samples I look out for very sharp peaks towards the botom centre of my spectra say around 8 by 126 ppm, I tend to see them running through my HSQC at around 8 ppm but the one at 126 ppm in the 15N seems to always be there when I get break down whatever the protein, ther usualy much sharper than say even your random coil regions like speckles runnig through your spectra.. as you might expect.


answered Jul 13 '10 at 04:46

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Thank you. Very helpful. - madge (Jul 18 '10 at 23:56)

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