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Hello All

Does anyone know of any good articles dealing with the mechanisms of labile proton exchange in non-aqueous solvents?

I have a curious case of amide-type NH & OH (small molecule, not a protein) in DMSO with either no exchange or very, very slow exchange. There's no evidence of typical exchange broadening or EXSY-type crosspeaks; the NH signal is sufficiently narrow to see the 15N satellites and measure the N-H coupling.

Thanks, Craig.

asked Mar 05 '15 at 02:18

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answered Mar 05 '15 at 14:50

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Arkadiusz Leniak

Hi there, could you by any chance help me to find literature about labile proton behavior in water? (Should I post this as a seperate question?) - gravatar (Mar 09 '15 at 02:28)

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