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Bruker pulse program for PENDANT experiment

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Hi there, I am looking for the pulse program for the PENDANT experiment, for a Bruker Avance III spectrometer, has anyon...
AnneBaudouin 1 Aug 13 '18 at 07:05

cp nmr graph for intensity vs contact time

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i got a sinusoidal graph for intensity vs contact time graph in CP.how can explain the theory behind this? ...
sreenath K 1 Mar 21 '17 at 22:06

167ppm CH of a indole

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I have a proton value at 8.07ppm and carbon 167ppm correlate to a CH proton I think it's a proton at 3 position of a ind...
VVK 61 Jul 08 '14 at 04:34

How much Cr(acac) for quant carbons

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What's the standard amount or concentration for using Cr(acac) in a Quantitative Carbon? I read 30mg per ml but that is...
Pascal Fricke 236 Aug 18 '12 at 10:17

Integrating 13C spectra

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In a normal fully decoupled carbon experiment, can you integrate equivalent carbons? In other words , do all CH3's get ...
w101bdk 7 Jul 16 '12 at 09:49

How about calibrating a 13C 90 pulse?

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Most 90 degree pulse calibration instructions I've run across seem to be for a 1H 90. What about a 13C 90 degree pulse?...
Amin os 43 Jun 24 '12 at 05:19

13C quaternary centers in amino acids

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I've got a sample of about 5mg of an amino acid that is the final product of a a synthesis. Due to the long relaxation t...
Matthew Revington 41 Sep 06 '11 at 09:04

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