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Hello everyone,

I had to change a BVT3300 module in a Bruker Avance 300 console today. Everytihing went fine and the module is working but wen I perform a wobb to tune the probe in 1H or 13C, I only can see noise, no dip... We also observed that no 1H decoupling on 13C spectrum was realized. I thing it is not directly linked to the VT module bu I had to disconnect a few cables to be able to remove the module from the console. I of course noted carfully numbers on the cable to plug them correctly afterwards but I still have this problem... I am able to lock and perform a routine 1H spectrum in various solvent.

Do you have an idea about the origin of the problem? A preamp problem? A module in the console?

Thank you for your help!

asked Feb 21 '18 at 00:56

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updated Feb 22 '18 at 07:45

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