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I'm trying to modify some pulse sequence on bruker 400, and is confused with the use of 'blkgrad' and 'unblkgrad';
and ,what is the difference between 'blkgrad' and 'groff'?

asked Mar 25 '16 at 01:24

Yuan%20yaping's gravatar image

Yuan yaping

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Dear user,

keep the blankings - these are very useful for keeping the lock signal stable. You are using the new "Gradient" Editions of the pulsprograms - instead the phase cycled Edition. Thes gradient pulses are done in the z Dimension and this interfers with an stable lock. With the 'blank' the lock mechanism is not disturbed by the Gradient. This is the trick with the 'blanking' of the gradients!


Uli Haunz


answered May 04 '16 at 01:38

Ulrich%20Haunz's gravatar image

Ulrich Haunz

When the gradients are just "groff" there can be a slight idle current from the amplifier creating a slight gradient that can affect the shim and lock. Blanking the gradients completely removes this idle current. It is similar to blanking the transmitter amplifiers. - Kirk Marat (Jun 14 '16 at 11:44)

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