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I have performed a series of 1H 1D experiments with different concentration of peptide and accordingly different numbers of scans. Then in order to compare the results, I normalized the data by exporting them to text and multiplying by suitable factors. After that I tried to plot the data on excel. But the spectra are not presentable.I want to know if it is possible to normalize the data on topspin itself or any other free software??

asked Nov 04 '15 at 04:10

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In case you can see this amongst all the junk...

There is an AU program "rescale" in topspin, which will rescale a processed spectrum to a given RG/NS. For example,

rescale 128 64

will give the intensity as if the spectrum was acquired with a receiver gain of 128 and 64 scans. NB the receiver gain is not an exactly linear function, so if you want absolute accuracy it's always best to use same RG.

If you have measured P1 on each sample (e.g. due to variations in slat content or whatever) you can additionally scale by P1 with e.g.

rescale 128 64 10.2

if you want to compare to a reference P1 of 10.2 us. If P1 in that dataset was 20.4, that means the probe Q is down by a factor of 2 compared to the reference, and you will get half the signal intensity, so rescale in this case scales up the signal by an additional factor of 2.

If you want to call rescale on multiple datasets you can use "serial" - build the list of datasets and enter e.g.

rescale 128 64

or whatever as your serial command.

NB if you view the (binary or ascii) data in other software, the data will be scaled according to NC_PROC (see the manuals for more details!) so unless the other software knows about that the intensities might not make sense...

Hope that helps!



answered Nov 23 '15 at 11:14

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Pete Gierth

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