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I have recently written a 2D-HSQC pulse program (Echo-AntiEcho detection) which records non-uniformly sampled data on Bruker spectropmeter with Topspin 2.1. I have recorded a spectrum with 25% detected points (256 out of 1024). I am using nmrPipe for processing and especially the maximum entropy method. How ever when I tried to expand the nus data with nusSort.tcl I run into two types of errors.

error 1. no -nusdim 2 option

"Error: Sample Count is Larger than Data Size."

error 2. with -nusdim 2 option

"V: 20184 X: 5046 QX: 2 Y: 128 1013 QY: 2

can't read "sw(Z)": no such element in array while executing "buildHdr $fdataP -ndim $nusDim -aq2D Real -xMODE Real -xFT Time -xN $mySize -xT $mySize -xSW $sw(Y) -xOBS $obs(Y) -xCAR $car(Y) -xLAB $l..." ("2" arm line 2) invoked from within "switch -exact $nusDim \ { 1 { buildHdr $fdataP -ndim $nusDim -aq2D Real \ -xMODE Real -xFT Time -xN $mySize -xT $myS..." (file "/usr/bin/nmrpipe/com/nusSort_new.tcl" line 739)"

I have checked the example data from the nmrPipe website and that worked very well. Does anybody know how to expand nus data with nusSort.tcl?

thanks, Z

asked Oct 20 '15 at 05:09

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updated Oct 20 '15 at 13:53

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