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I've some annoying issue with Topspin and deconvolution. No matter what I'm trying to do, border peaks are always cutted off. It looks like that:

cutted off peak

I really don't know how fix that. I was trying to set appropriate F1P,F2P region with dpl command, changing azfw (Computation range per line) parameter and cy (integral scaling factor). Still my peaks after deconvolution just looks that way. Middle peaks are always fine but two border ones...just like on this picture.

asked Jun 16 '14 at 00:01

Arkadiusz%20Leniak's gravatar image

Arkadiusz Leniak

updated Jun 16 '14 at 00:08

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Dear Arkadiusz,

I do not know what to do with TopSpin, often it does not do what you wanted to do. Sometimes you have to do a "special" step in between to get your idea. I prefer MestreNOVA 9.X for the massage of my data. MestreNOVA is more powerful, even for ironing a rolling baseline flat. GSD, the deconvolution part, is done there for the whole spectra.

Maybe, the jump in your picture results from jumping from deconvolution to real or vice versa!




answered Jun 16 '14 at 07:48

Ulrich%20Haunz's gravatar image

Ulrich Haunz

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