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I use a Bruker Avance 400 III, when using topshim command the following error appear: 'wait for event-acquisition running:timeout after 20 sec' Any ideas? Thanks!

asked Sep 06 '13 at 09:16

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2 Answers:
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We used to get this error occasionally on our Avance III 500. Usually, if you just repeated the topshim command it would be OK. Sometimes (very rarely), rebooting of the BSMS was necessary.

The problem seemed to dissapear completely after a firmware upgrade of the ELCB. Make sure that you have the most recent firmware that is compatible with the Topspin version that you are using (We have TS 3.1).



answered Sep 11 '13 at 07:36

Kirk%20Marat's gravatar image

Kirk Marat

I rebooted the Nanobay console and because the shimming was really bad, I also made a 3D shim on D2O/H2O. After all that, the error was gone. Thanks! - smithnany (Sep 30 '13 at 07:32)

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My problem with Avance system and TopSpin 2.1.4 is that the TopShim command is telling me that I should make the first 3D shimming with H2O/D2O and 1H, and does not do anything else, even though I have exactly those set. What is the reason? Should I update to 2.1.8? Is there some quirk to get the TopShim parameters modified and comparable to the parameters in measurement?

Thanks for answers



answered Oct 07 '13 at 01:05

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OK. After studying some more and checking other answers on NMR Wiki, I found out that I needed just to put NUC=1H to the parameters, and with that I got it working... - ehaapani (Oct 07 '13 at 22:13)

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