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Hi, when I try to use topshim 3d i get an error message saying that it can only be used for 1H although 1H is what I use in the gui. Does anyone know how to make it work?

asked Jul 02 '14 at 07:49

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topshim3D can be used only with water. that's why there's error with 1H. Use 10%D2O in H2O.


answered Jul 02 '14 at 23:42

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Arkadiusz Leniak

I tried it with water 10%D2O/90%H2O it didn't work. I was using a watergate sequence. - gravatar (Jul 04 '14 at 06:05)

I didn't try 3D shimming, but there's is manual about topshim. You can download it from bruker site or access directly from topspin (help section). I think you can find there, why it isn't working for you. - Arkadiusz Leniak (Jul 07 '14 at 07:39)

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TopShim identifies the solvent and the nucleus to use from the solvent parameter in the current experiment. Make sure you type "lock" and select H2O/D2O as the solvent before running TopShim. The Status window or the Report tab of TopShim will tell you what solvent and nucleus TopShim is using. The "optimize for" box does not set the nucleus used for shimming, but rather sets some parameters (things like which coil is used for observe, etc., I think) needed for the optimization algorithm.


answered Jul 04 '14 at 08:44

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Kirk Marat

I lock using H2O/D2O. - gravatar (Jul 05 '14 at 23:38)

What are the exact messages in the report tab in the TopShim GUI? - Kirk Marat (Jul 07 '14 at 07:20)

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