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I was running a 3D 15N edit NOESY (on a Bruker 600) and it was inadvertently stopped. I would like to restart the experiment starting with the last row that was collected. Does anyone know the command to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked Jun 06 '13 at 08:11

Lola%20Brown's gravatar image

Lola Brown

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Hi Lola,

In principle the "go" command should restart a 2D experiment from where it was stopped. However: this will only work correctly if the pulse program uses the "mc" syntax, rather than "wr #0", and any incrementation/decrementation of pulses, phases or delays must happen within the mc command.

This will be true of the majority of Bruker release sequences, certainly for example noesyhsqcf3gpsi3d - are you using a Bruker standard sequence or something someone else has written?

Before trying this, I would definitely make a copy of the raw data, because I can't guarantee it will work for all software/hardware versions! (seems to work in topspin 3.2, on AVIIIHD).



answered Jun 13 '13 at 11:05

Pete%20Gierth's gravatar image

Pete Gierth

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