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I had just finished refilling the nitrogen and powering up the NMR after the holiday shutdown and went through the normal startup routine (cf, ii, cfbsms). When I ran lockdisp I could not get the lockdisplay window to appear, appearing to be stuck on 'checking rs-channel' and failing after 11 attempts.

Any help in the matter would be appreciated.

System details: XwinNMR 2.7 on SGI O2 with IRIX. Bruker Avance DPX400.

Things checked already:

  • List item
  • 2H cable connected
  • No error lights on console, all power rails up, no loose cabling
  • Restarted console and re-attempted to lockdisp -> failed
  • Restarted computer and re-attempted to lockdisp -> failed
  • Attempted autolock from bsmsdisp control panel -> failed, LOCK AH No FFASignal

asked Jan 02 '13 at 06:37

Norman%20Chu's gravatar image

Norman Chu

Problem resolved - fix from Bruker: On the LCB board of the BSMS, while the console is powered and connected to the computer, disconnect, and then reconnect the RS232 cable from the LCB board, then reconnect it, and run lockdisp again. - Norman Chu (Jan 02 '13 at 10:54)

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Maybe it's just the problem of the software if other commands are OK.


answered Jan 07 '13 at 16:11

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