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Greetings NMR Wiki,

I am using a Bruker Biospec 24/30, (100 MHz 1H, DBX, Pv3, XWIN), equiped with a 36mm litz coil probe, to perform basic T1 & T2 measurements as well as DOSY. The sample is water. Images look great, basic spectroscopy has a systematic error.

My prior NMR experience is in chemistry on solid state systems using the chemagnetics CMX II type spectrometer. The Bruker instrument has been sending pulses for 6 months after I made a few repairs and was dormant (cold but not pulsing) for 5 years prior.

Is anyone out there using this class instrument for basic research? What are 'good' spectroscopic parameters to use for quantifying the relaxation dynamics of water in various substrates? How best to adjust the gain for the 90 & 180, and set the automatic adjustments to agree with manual adjustments? (non-selective, whole volume is 32mm x 54mm) How does one choose an appropriate gradient strength for spoiling or crushing?

Thank you for reading. Comments, links to online resources and/or references greatly appreciated.


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asked Mar 14 '12 at 10:25

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