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HI nmr wikier I want to test bruker nmr spectometer bsms unit on board level including all boards. How to run the test from bsms service tool.

THANKS in advance for replaying

asked Mar 11 '12 at 10:09

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there is a special CD-ROM from Bruker ... BASH version 11 and more.


Following manuals are there:

Title Version Date Part Nr.

BSMS/2 Mainframe (TM) 1 Dec. 1999 Z31476
BSMS/2 PNK Pneumatic Module (TM) 1 Feb. 2002 Z31635
BSMS, BSMS/2 2H-TX (UM) 4 Oct. 2003 Z31475
BSMS/2 Systems with ELCB (TM) 3 Nov. 2009 Z108028 BSMS Emergency Lift Module (TM) 1 Jan. 2003 Z31670 BSMS Mainframe (TM) 3 Mar. 1997 Z31188
BSMS (UM) 2 Dec. 1996 Z31185 BSMS Lock (TM) 5 Sep. 2003 Z31130 RCB (TM) 3 Jul. 1998 Z31390 Sample and Level (SLCB) (TM) 2 Aug. 1992 Z31187 Shim (SCB) (TM) 2 Dec. 1996 Z31186

There you can read a detailed text about the usage.

You can check via the terminal window / command window a lot of details of the boards and parts. Also you can use the 'ha' command with the AVANCE III systems to get directly on a HTML-web interface of the BSMS. There are also some test or resets possible.


Ulrich Haunz


answered Mar 13 '12 at 04:46

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Ulrich Haunz

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