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Does anyone know a good source for bruker to varian translations in terms of commands and general terms?

asked Mar 26 '11 at 08:59

Thomas%20Garner's gravatar image

Thomas Garner

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this is not a very simple question to answer!

You can not directly use the commands and variables from Bruker on a Varian/Agilent spectrometer and vice versa.

I recommend to have a closer look into the Appendix of the book "100/150/200 and More Basic NMR Experiments" written by S. Braun, H.-O. Kalinowski and S. Berger - ISBN 3-527-31067-3. Some commands and variables are fitting and lots are not! I tried to use macros for "translations", but this does not work properly.

Have a nice try.



answered Mar 28 '11 at 06:11

Ulrich%20Haunz's gravatar image

Ulrich Haunz

thanks, it is coming to me slowly, I think I just need more spectrometer time to work out what I do and don't know - Thomas Garner (Mar 29 '11 at 07:06)

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