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I have been using topspin to process data recorded on a varian magnet, when processing a 13C-HSQC I noticed one of my peaks (a di -methyl lysine peak) was unusually split into 3, I originally thought this looked quite interesting but when I look at the same peak in vnmrj the peak is a single peak. the splitting is restricted to that single peak and ive recorded the same protein at multiple pH and still get the splitting on that peak. Opinions would be appreciated, is this just a processing artifact from the data conversion or is there something in the processing in vnmrj thats broadening the signal into one?



asked Aug 01 '11 at 12:47

Thomas%20Garner's gravatar image

Thomas Garner

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Hi Tom,

Quite possibly digital filtering is being applied. Try to convert to analog data before xferring to topspin. Not sure of the commands in vnmrj to do this. Also check the processing parameters, especially broadening and compare to what it is in topspin.

Good luck! Bernie


answered Aug 06 '11 at 10:22

bernie%20o%27hare's gravatar image

bernie o'hare

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