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Hi I am using Bruker Tpospin for brain spectroscopy analysis. I am new to this software. My question is how do I make spectral lines dotted or thicker instead of colors. Any hint is highly appreciated. Thanks Surya

asked Feb 28 '11 at 06:35

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Not sure how much further you've got with this, but assuming you've processed the data to your liking, 'plot' is the way to go. Just type plot at the command line in a dataset, and Topspin will start the plot editor, with a layout defaulting to whatever is defined in the 'AUNMP' part of the processing parameters. (click the procpars tab in the dataset.)

Once you have the plot editor started, you can make the lines of the spectrum anything you want. (Well, whatever the software lets you do!)

The plot editor behaves a bit like powerpoint, the layout is composed of objects that you 'draw' onto the screen, eg, spectra, stacked plots, shapes etc. Select and right click these objects to change how the look.

You can get a long way with out the manuals if you have the time to just play around.

Good luck!


answered Aug 11 '11 at 02:57

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