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What is the easiest way to emulate the "array" command from VNMR in XWINNMR/TOPSPIN? I recently moved from a lab using a Varian (Unity plus 500) with VNMR 6.whatever to a lab with only Bruker (AVANCE 300/400/500) spectrometers available. I am used to using the "array" caommand in VNMR and viewing the spectra with "dssa" or "dssh." I don't know a convenient way to do the same thing in XWINNMR. I know there are some AU programs but I'm not sure what they all do or if what I want is available. I tried "paropt" and found it unsatisfactory. I would like make an array and then manipulate the spectrum and then view the whole array again with different processing parameters. Currently I am running an AU program that puts each experiment in its own experiment number file. This is fine but I don't know how to view all of them simultaneously like with "dssh" or "dssa". Any help would be appreciated. When answering please take into account my lack of experience with XWINNMR and Bruker instruments.

asked Sep 24 '10 at 09:17

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this is not directly possible to substitute the array command from VnmrJ or VNMR in TopSpin.

The pendant tool is on the Bruker side paropt or the better popt utility.



PS If you are using XwinNMR you have no luck, there is no such a powerful tool like "array" impelemented in XwinNMR. ... "popt" is a bit better, but does not reach the capability of "array" in VNMR. I miss it too!


answered Sep 26 '10 at 12:43

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Ulrich Haunz

updated Oct 01 '10 at 01:07

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