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Hi, I'm having a problem with topshim on Bruker AV 500 using topspin 2.1. it finishes with error (topshim: FieldMap - not enough valid points in focus: the gradient does not work).The fact is that when the device is reset (after do a "cd" everything seems to be ok) this works perfectly for hours, but always comes back after a while. I have replaced the unit gradients (Great 3) and lock plate, but the problem reappears. Where is can be the problem? Thanks in advance for answering.

asked Apr 11 '15 at 03:39

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Hi! How old is your magnet? It happen to our 600 MHz system before, but it had nothing to do with the console unit. The most likely problem is the field drift over time, thus your 2H lock for the solvent is off now. Try to do "edlock", make sure the lock signal is in the middle of the lock screen. This should fix the problem. Good luck. If you have more problem, post here again, I will try to help.


answered Apr 14 '15 at 06:23

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Jim Lin

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