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I was wondering if there was a waterLOGSY sequence among the bruker sequences. If not, could someone tell me where I could find one?

There's something called ePHOGSY but I don't think that's the right sequence.


asked Mar 11 '15 at 07:27

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ePHOGSY is an ancestor of WaterLOGSY:

Identification of compounds with binding affinity to proteins via magnetization transfer from bulk water

Here you have research paper about ugraded WaterLOGSY (PO-WaterLOGSY):

Time efficient detection of protein–ligand interactions with the polarization optimized PO-WaterLOGSY NMR experiment

and in supplementary material you can find pulse sequence for TopSpin1.3:

Pulse sequence

It's 1D sequence so it should works fine on all versions of TopSpin without further modifications of sequence.

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answered Mar 17 '15 at 08:09

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Arkadiusz Leniak

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