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I am wondering, is it possible for me to measure 13C enrichment in my compound by using 1D 13C NMR spectrum? Id ran standard (13C at natural abundance) and also my sample (impregnated with 13C). From the 1D 13C NMR spectra produced, my sample (impregnated with 13C) show higher intensity of C signal compared to the standard (13C at natural abundance). My sample is crude extract, and I already identify compounds (amino acids) present in my sample via TOCSY and their J-value. The issue here, how can I measure the impregnated 13C in my compound? Is it necessary for me to do integration and how?

asked Oct 21 '15 at 01:06

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Dear Shuhaila,

If your 1H spectrum is sufficiently well resolved you should be able to see 13C satellites. For natural abundance the satellites are 0.55% each of the main signal. If there is 13C enrichment the satellites will grow higher until you see a clean doublet for a 100% enriched site. Clemens


answered Oct 22 '15 at 14:04

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Clemens Anklin

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