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Hello, I'm trying to set up an experiment to measure C-C coupling constants: 1. Do I understand it right that the standard 1D INADEQUATE pulse sequence inad1d would give me quite and accurate measurement of 1J(C-C) constants and the resulting spectrum can be treated similarly to a regular 1H spectrum, i.e. if the carbon in question is a secondary one, its signal will come out as a doublet of doublets?
2. What's the easiest method to measure long-range C-C coupling constant? I have read about SELINQUATE, J-modulated ADEQUATE, GRECCO and modified refocused INADEQUATE (JMR A vol. 122, 245, 1996), but I could not find any of these in the standard Bruker pulse program list. How to set up any of these? Thank you for your time!

asked Aug 26 '15 at 13:12

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Olga Mukhina

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