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Hi I have a 500MHz BRUKER NMR. How I can access to J-value at COSY experiment? what's that command?

asked Dec 14 '14 at 04:08

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2 Answers:
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Hi, If you want to measure spin-spin coupling constants (J value) you have a few ways to do it:

  • simple COSY will not work in case of this problem. If you want to measure (by raw manner) J coupling constants you need to do at least DQF-COSY (Double Quantum Filtered) for Bruker Topspin3.2 it's cosydfetgp.2 pulse program name.

  • next step it's a ECOSY (Exclusive Correlation Spectroscopy) - Gradient E.COSY (ecosygpph)

  • here you have some articles concerning this topic:




Best regards, A. Leniak


answered Dec 15 '14 at 01:11

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Arkadiusz Leniak

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Hi. I'll try a different interpretation of your question: there is NO J-value parameter to set in a COSY experiment. Compare for example selective 1D COSY in which you have to set a J-value parameter. If I understand correctly, in basic 2D COSY the J couplings just determine the structure of your diagonal and cross peaks. But probably the best thing to do, if you want to understand more on this, is to take a book (Keeler's?) and look at the equations for the COSY.


answered Dec 16 '14 at 16:12

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