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Hi all,

This is my first post to the forum and I am admittedly new to the field of protein NMR. I appreciate your patience with what could be a very rudimentary or simplistic question.

We have been trying to find the value for 'total INEPT evolution time' of the TROSY we ran for PRE distance calculations. We have everything worked out except that value which will give small changes to the R2 contribution from the spin label (R2spin). Im pretty sure its my incremental delay (in0) multiplied by the number of experiments (TD=512).

in0=.000234s (t1 delay increment) * 512 = 0.119 s (I understand its really 511 as the first experiment t1=0) *Experiments were carried out on Bruker Avance 700mHz

119 ms disagrees with every single PRE paper I read. "Normal" indirect evolution times are within the range of 9-12 ms. Either we are acquiring our data incorrectly (unlikely) or I am totally missing some minor detail thats causing my t1 to be 2 orders of magnitude "off" (Highly likely).

I'm happy to provide any more information needed.



asked Mar 11 '14 at 09:04

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