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Hi all,

i'd like to hear some experiences you folks had on this theme. I wanna by a program for that. Just googling for comparison doesn't bring me satisfactory information.


asked Sep 04 '13 at 00:45

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Could you be a little mode specific about the type of "simulation" that you want to do. Are you wanting to do a spin system simulation including 2nd order effects? Or are you wanting a spectrum prediction program? - Kirk Marat (Sep 04 '13 at 07:41)

2 Answers:
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I cannot push PERCH program enough. I have been beta and gamma testing it over a decade ago, and now it has been in even Bruker accepted stage for long. Latest version can even do compltete spectral simulation, iteration, 2D analysis and alike based on the molecular information.

You can get more info from: http://new.perchsolutions.com/index.php?id=56

Even if it is commercial program, and Bruker is selling it, it can be used for educational purposes and academic use for free. Check the details on the http://new.perchsolutions.com/index.php?id=5



answered Oct 07 '13 at 01:11

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I guess spinevolution and/or simpson will do it... Depends on what you want to simulate


answered Sep 11 '13 at 22:10

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