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I was using VnmrJ to collect an array of 6 NMR spectra. I used VnmrJ to save all 6 spectra in 1 fid file by using the svf('filename') command. When opening the fid file in NutsPro to analyze the data, I am able to see all 6 spectra in Stacked Plots mode. They show up as Fid spectra, stacked on top of each other. However I am only able to individually display the first plot and only able to take the Fourier Transform of that first plot in the series. I am unable to select any other plot in that array. Is there a way in Nuts software to extract each individual NMR plot from the array?

Thank you very much

asked Mar 03 '11 at 08:06

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Varian arrayed datasets are automatically worked as pseudo-2D sets in Nuts. Make sure you are in AR mode when processing (Complex Arrayed in the lower right corner). Then processing commands will work across the whole dataset. View all data using stack plots, SP. You can view individual elements using VW. The set you exit that routine from will then be in the foreground, to display and individually plot. See NUTS's excellent help files for more details. Note that you can also extract individual elements in VJ and save them to new 1-fid datasets (e.g., df(3) clradd add jexp5 wft svf will save the 3rd array fid--assuming clradd uses jexp5, which can vary in VJ), which can make some figure/viewgraph makeup simpler.


answered Mar 05 '11 at 10:40

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Charlie Fry

Thank you - this did the trick. - NMRUser61581 (Mar 07 '11 at 09:56)

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