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NOE and strength of dipolar coupling

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Is NOE observed even if molecular motion averages out the dipolar coupling between two spins. ...
Posted: visi 1 Oct 07 at 00:38

Acer AS11A3E notebook Akku

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Ersatzakku für ihr Acer AS11A3E Notebook, preiswert und schnell. Liste aller verfügbaren Acer AS11A3E Serie Ersatzakku f...
Posted: gao neng 1 Oct 06 at 10:14

Would it be risk-free to acquire Instagram prefers?

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My pals are advising working with instagram hack likes and that i have no idea if this describes seriously safe to perfo...
Posted: gavinmitchell gavinmitchell 1 Sep 29 at 04:35

qNMR calculation

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I am currently working on the qNMR concentration of compounds X in commercial samples: The following is my scenario I...
Posted: KONG KA LING 1 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 210 Oct 13 at 06:38

Vnmr spectrum file

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Hi, I am working on software for NMR assignment and one of the options to implement is import Varian spectra into our ap...
Posted: _mtd_ 1 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 210 Sep 19 at 06:59

unresolved signals

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Hi all We know that H NMR of paramagnetic sample or complex, is very broad with a bad signal to noise ratio. Do you...
Posted: satar 3 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 210 Sep 19 at 06:51

How to find the best poker website?

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I am looking for situs nama poker online. Ought I look into checklist poker online? What could be the best web page that...
Posted: sonjabarbe sonjabarbe 1 Sep 08 at 00:17

2D-NOESY for macromolecules

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Hi, NOESY is very interesting method bet I have a problem. We are working with polymethacryles (MW about 20 000-30 000 ...
Posted: AnnaLT 1 Aug 24 at 22:32

How to know which simcity buildit mod apk works the very best ?

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Soon after placing a lot of attempts, i am just hunting for a working simcity buildit hack android for my android operat...
Posted: konovalchukov konovalchukov 1 Aug 17 at 01:53

The way to know which simcity buildit mod apk functions the best ?

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After getting a great deal of efforts, i am searching for a performing simcity buildit hack tool for my android mobile p...
Posted: TidalCycles 1 Aug 15 at 04:26

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