Mechanism of chemical exchange between labile protons (OH, NH, SH)

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Hello All Does anyone know of any good articles dealing with the mechanisms of labile proton exchange in non-aqueous so...
Posted: Craig Grimmer 31 8 hours ago

Any decent nmr processing software for free?

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Hello people, Does anyone know of any free NMR software (no trials, I can't stand it anymore) that is robust enough to ...
Posted: gravatar 61 / Updated: Craig Grimmer 31 8 hours ago

Topshim error

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HELLO all nmr wikier,I am facing problem in runing topshim on bruker 500Mhz using topspin 2.1 it finishes with error (fi...
Updated: feroon 21 yesterday

Parameters for zgesfpgp 1d experiment (flipback watergate) on Bruker

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Hi , Does any one know how to set up the zgesfpgp 1d experiment (flipback water gate) on Bruker. I am looking for p29 du...
Posted: sri 71 / Updated: Clemens Anklin 416 yesterday

Measurement of very short T2

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Hello, I'm measuring T2 in paramagnetic materials. These values are very short (0.5-5 ms), and I have to use very short...
Posted: A K 1 / Updated: Jeffreyyyy 1 Feb 27 at 12:48

Does anybody know techmag spectrometers?

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Hi, Techmag ( argues to have quite good spectrometers (redstone, discovery 3, scout .....
Posted: fid 139 / Updated: Jeffreyyyy 1 Feb 27 at 12:32

Why I only obtain some peaks in the sildenafil HMBC 1H-15N?

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I am trying to obtain the 1H-15N-HMBC of sildenafil molecule in a BBI 400 MHz probe. I only detect the correlations betw...
Posted: Gohuma 3 / Updated: Pete Gierth 376 Feb 25 at 14:42

Choice of relaxation delay time (d1) in 2D experiments.

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Hi, Most people tend to use a lower d1 for 2D than for 1D. Help me understand why. Furthermore, supposing you know you...
Posted: gravatar 61 / Updated: Pete Gierth 376 Feb 25 at 14:18

noisy hmqc and hmbc spectra

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Hey all! We've got a serious problem because with our new probe (5mm bbo bruker) the t1 noise in the heteronuclear corr...
Posted: apophis 1 / Updated: Pete Gierth 376 Feb 25 at 14:06

two triplets and no quartet?

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Hello all, I have spent approximately 4 hours trying to analyze an H NMR consisting of two doublets of doublets (pe...
Posted: Kelsey O'Dell 11 / Updated: joenmr 1 Feb 18 at 10:44
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