RGA setting too high on Bruker Avance 300

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I'm using Bruker Avance 300 spectrometer (Topspin processing software). When using "RGA" GR value jumps up to 3000 and m...
Posted: Avance300 1 / Updated: Kirk Marat 672 yesterday

extract error bars from sparky S/N or deviation or both

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Dear NMR wiki community, I have recorded 24 sequential 15N HSQC spectra, in an H/D exchange experiment and now, I am ha...
Updated: Maryam 1 Apr 14 at 12:57

Signal intensity affected by long-range proton coupling?

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Hi, I'm looking for a theoretical explanation for the effect of long-range (proton) couplings on the signal intensity of...
Updated: doodlebugs 1 Apr 14 at 06:45

195Pt experiment setup help needed

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We just bought a new console (with Topspin 3.2)for our Bruker 400 and noticed that not all experiments that we previousl...
Posted: IA 1 / Updated: Kirk Marat 672 Apr 04 at 13:48

Very simple NMR question wrt resonance frequency calculation

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Hi guys, I'm stuck in attempting this question and need some help understanding how to answer it. Q.) The chemical shif...
Posted: Will Whitehouse 1 / Updated: SankarampadiAravamudhan 91 Apr 02 at 00:25

Diagnosing 1D selective NOE issues

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I'm trying to diagnose a possible issue performing a selective 1D NOE (selnogp) on a Bruker Avance II 500Mhz with TopSpi...
Updated: kyleabeauchamp 1 Mar 22 at 09:48

simulate 3D NOESY

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Hello everyone I am using NMRPipe to simulate 3D, noise-free NOESY spectra (13C or 15N resolved) from peak lists, but I...
Updated: canavanin 17 Mar 19 at 05:17

VNMRJ Macro - wait until completion of first experiment

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I am relatively new to VNMRJ, and am trying to write a macro that executes an array in experiment 1, then, once finished...
Posted: Tazmusica 1 / Updated: Bharathwaj 112 Mar 14 at 07:43

Total t1 evolution time, TROSY, PRE distance calculation

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Hi all, This is my first post to the forum and I am admittedly new to the field of protein NMR. I appreciate your patie...
Posted: Logan 1 Mar 11 at 09:04

1D NOESY with selective excitation and water suppression

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Hi, I am trying to collect 1D NOESY spectrum of a small protein in 90% H2O with selective excitation so I could follow ...
Posted: slawojek 1 / Updated: kyleabeauchamp 1 Mar 06 at 15:37
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