Topspin 2.1 error message with Windows 7 OS

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Hi all, I have been running TopSpin 2.1 on my Windows 7 32-bit OS for the last few years and now am getting this annoyin...
Posted: Olivia 1 / Updated: w101bdk 7 7 hours ago

Get Up to 45% off Coupon Code on fifa coins

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Up to 45% off on fifa coins Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins,Fifa 14 PS3/PS4Coins, Fifa 14 Xbox OneCoins, Fifa 14 ultimate team...
Posted: emalee100 1 19 hours ago

How Much is FIFA 14 XBOX 360 Coins Online to Buy

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Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Online at, isone of the best FIFA 15 Coins Online stores, ye...
Posted: emalee100 1 19 hours ago

why choloroform gives a negative triplet instead of a positive

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Hello, why choloroform gives a negative triplet instead of a positive(just one hydrogen on the carbon) in DEPT 135. Can ...
Updated: zikoooo 3 yesterday

How to integrate CDCl3 (d-chloroform) peak area which is overlapped with other peaks?

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Hi All, I would like to get suggestion about how to integrate the peak area of CDCl3 which is overlapped with other pea...
Posted: Jiping Yang 1 / Updated: Mestrelab 56 yesterday

where to buy fut 14 coins and pre-order fut15?

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have a try the legit site to buy ,that is they offer coupon code : 6%( Fifa1314GJC6...
Posted: Vivi yang 1 yesterday

Where to find technical information on Varian and Bruker data storage formats?

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Hello, I would like to find detailed technical info on the binary data storage formats for Varian and Bruker. Could anyo...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5571 / Updated: arronlee 1 Jul 25 at 00:00

Helium recovery system

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How do I configure a helium recovery system that won't perturb my magnet's stability? I'm concerned that just hooking ...
Posted: jkurutz 111 / Updated: Jerry Hirschinger 189 Jul 23 at 10:45

Air dryer system issues

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We have a pressure-swing adsorption air dryer that is identical to the one shown here on the NMR wiki (Balston 75-20, cu...
Posted: slongwell 3 / Updated: Jerry Hirschinger 189 Jul 23 at 06:50

Watergate spikes around solvent

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Hi, When I use my watergate I get symmetrical spikes around the residual water signal. Is there a way of minimizing the...
Posted: gravatar 3 / Updated: Jerry Hirschinger 189 Jul 15 at 11:52
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