1H-15N HMBC of small molecules

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When I used the automatic peak picking function of Topspin for picking the cross peaks in a 1H-15N HMBC spectrum, two cr...
Posted: Bhanu 1 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 1 hour ago

Inverse FT of NUS data

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Does anyone know the way to create a full ser file from Bruker NUS processed data? I want to do this so that others (wi...
Posted: John Hollerton 96 / Updated: PQdotL 1 18 hours ago

Running a wet sequence

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Hi, I am trying to run a wet sequence but I'm having trouble getting good results on a sample with 90:10 water:methanol...
Posted: gravatar 49 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Nov 21 at 01:46

The application of aluminum hydroxide in the rubber industry?

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Aluminum hydroxide used in thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, paint and building mater...
Posted: zhenwei wu 1 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Nov 18 at 18:01

What is the actual point of dummy scans?

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Hi, I was wondering why so many pulse programs use dummy scans. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think dummy scans are supp...
Posted: gravatar 49 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Nov 18 at 00:03

BSMS error message

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Hi what is the HOLD LOCK message on BSMS key pad? How can I fix it? Thanks ...
Posted: elham 3 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Nov 16 at 18:18

Topspin 2.1 error message with Windows 7 OS

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Hi all, I have been running TopSpin 2.1 on my Windows 7 32-bit OS for the last few years and now am getting this annoyin...
Posted: Olivia 1 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 167 Nov 14 at 03:16

coupling constants

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Hi, does anybody know 1H-79Br coupling constants? I found in literature only 13C-79Br coupling constants! Thank you, Mar...
Posted: gugica 1 Nov 13 at 01:27

Frequency of signal in the second dymension

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Let me consider a proton experiment done on a 500 MHz spectrometer. The signal coming from the sample has a frequency of...
Posted: PQdotL 1 Nov 12 at 08:03

19F 2D experiments

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Hi, I would like to run some 19F NOESY, and 19F-1H correlation experiments on a totally fluorinated sample (no H) with a...
Posted: AnneBaudouin 1 / Updated: RuudA 11 Nov 02 at 07:44
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