Bruker phase image recon

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Hi all- I'm acquiring 1-2s/dynamic, single-slice gradient echo image series over a period of 10 minutes or so. By defau...
Posted: Nicholas E 11 yesterday

Distorted/antiphase signals when doing Dosy

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Hello, I am running Dosy experiment using ledbpgp2s sequence. I am getting sort of signal distortions. I tried the solu...
Updated: Umayal Rakesh 1 2 days ago

Help for Boron 11 NMR!

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I'm using a Bruker 300 NMR, equipped with a BBO probe, to do Boron 11 NMR. But I got no signal no matter what pulse leng...
Posted: Chemuri 11 / Updated: Jim Lin 1 Apr 14 at 06:47

Bruker AV500 TOPSHIM error

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Hi, I'm having a problem with topshim on Bruker AV 500 using topspin 2.1. it finishes with error (topshim: FieldMap - no...
Posted: jrlopez 1 / Updated: Jim Lin 1 Apr 14 at 06:23

dept nuclear magnetic resonance

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what it the difference between c13 and dept nmr? ...
Posted: dereje sharew 1 Apr 11 at 15:53

nmr phenylethylamine

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hello...i know only the basics on nmr and need some help :i need H-NMR help with phenylethylamine Phe-CH2-CH2-NH-R - how...
Posted: ann choroshun 1 / Updated: Jim Lin 1 Apr 09 at 07:59

31P-31P COSY

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I like to run a 31P-31P COSY experiment to determine whether there is coupling between 1R-31P-CH2-31P-X in my molecule. ...
Updated: Jim Lin 1 Apr 09 at 07:54

Topshim error

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HELLO all nmr wikier,I am facing problem in runing topshim on bruker 500Mhz using topspin 2.1 it finishes with error (fi...
Posted: feroon 21 / Updated: Jim Lin 1 Mar 31 at 06:19

distorted DOSY ID

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Why are some Dosy spectra 1d so distorted (like the one below)?. How can this be overcome? ...
Posted: @ 11 / Updated: Umayal Rakesh 1 Mar 30 at 00:08

Absence of some signals on 1H and 13C spectra of polyaromatic carboximidate

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Hi, I have encountered a strange behaviour of some signals (they are absent) in a series of polycyclic aromatic carboxi...
Posted: Arkadiusz Leniak 213 / Updated: zablociak 21 Mar 23 at 12:11
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