Weak NOE signals, serious t1 noise

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Since my university does not have a professional spectroscopist, I am a new learner of NMR, and I really have no one els...
Updated: Elvis 1 11 hours ago

Why so much spam?

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Hi, I really like this forum and I am harrowed to see it so spammed. We should find a way to end this(maybe more admins...
Posted: gravatar 39 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 169 Oct 24 at 07:09

NH---O hydrgen bond detection in N-(2-methoxyphenyl)benzamide

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I'd like to know if there are further NMR spectroscopic methods to detect NH---O hydrogen bond in N-(2-methoxyphenyl)ben...
Posted: Alessia 1 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 130 Oct 24 at 00:48

19F 2D experiments

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Hi, I would like to run some 19F NOESY, and 19F-1H correlation experiments on a totally fluorinated sample (no H) with a...
Posted: AnneBaudouin 1 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 130 Oct 24 at 00:39

Measuring T1 for a low concentration (1mM) compound in water.

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Hi, I'm trying to measure T1 for a compund at 1mM in water using t1ir. Seeing how my concentration is so low, phasing m...
Posted: gravatar 39 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 169 Oct 23 at 08:39

topshim error 84

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I tried to perform topshim on my AV-300 but it say : "BsmsRCBSlope - setting RCB ramp failed - Error 84:BSMSExcessive Co...
Posted: Bourdreux Flavien 1 / Updated: Kirk Marat 676 Oct 14 at 14:28

Oxford Instruments 2.2K 800/63 pumped magnet

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Dear all, our Oxford 800 Mhz pumped magnet is monitored using a windows 95 pc. The autodial is still running but we wer...
Posted: Ruud 1 / Updated: RuudA 11 Sep 25 at 03:37

Spam that is lately spawning in wiki

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Greetings, I want to ask if someone knows what's going on in here with this spam about FIFA, some online games, etc. ? ...
Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 130 Sep 23 at 13:08

au for 1H and 31P with iexpno and ssleep for kinetics

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hi there. I want to establish an au with the following content: I want to measure 1H and 31P make ssleep (userdefined)...
Posted: charlez miller 1 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 169 Sep 22 at 06:25

TOCSY of peptide in micelle

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Hi, I am a PhD student starting in NMR and I have two questions. I have a problem with a TOCSY and natural abundance ...
Updated: paul atray 1 Sep 17 at 10:16
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