BSMS error message

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Hi what is the HOLD LOCK message on BSMS key pad? How can I fix it? Thanks ...
Posted: elham 3 / Updated: Pete Gierth 366 Jan 22 at 02:39

Measurement of very short T2

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Hello, I'm measuring T2 in paramagnetic materials. These values are very short (0.5-5 ms), and I have to use very short...
Posted: A K 1 Jan 18 at 00:26

problem with large dosy files

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Hello, I run DOSY expt successfully but my dosy files are very massive and they take up large amounts of disk space. Ho...
Updated: elham 3 Jan 16 at 07:57

how many percent peak in NH HSQC enough to solve structure?

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Hello everyone, I have a stupid question and often confuse me. We often meet peak missing in 15N H HSQC,but usually ho...
Posted: chengkun wang 1 Jan 14 at 18:29

Predicting aquisition time needed depending on sample concentration

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Hi , is there a way of predicting aquisition time needed depending on sample concentration in order to get a decent spe...
Posted: gravatar 59 / Updated: Manolis Matzapetakis 1 Jan 14 at 08:33

J-value command

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Hi I have a 500MHz BRUKER NMR. How I can access to J-value at COSY experiment? what's that command? ...
Posted: Saeed 1 / Updated: PQdotL 1 Dec 16 '14 at 16:12

spinning heating sample in MAS

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there are two known mechanisms: friction heating( which may cause several degrees temperature increase) and induced AC c...
Posted: Jeffreyyyy 1 / Updated: Thiazole 1 Dec 16 '14 at 13:15

bigger MAS-NMR spectrum as irradiation window

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Hi, I have a sample with a very very big CSA which is broader than my irradiation windows, so I have to acquire my dat...
Posted: Thiazole 1 Dec 16 '14 at 13:05

Frequency of signal in the second dymension

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Let me consider a proton experiment done on a 500 MHz spectrometer. The signal coming from the sample has a frequency of...
Posted: PQdotL 1 / Updated: dstephenson 56 Dec 16 '14 at 06:27

Topspin: usage of l0 and d0

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Dear all, In topspin, what's the initial value for l0, 0 or 1? what's the initial value for d0, 0 or in0? Thanks in ad...
Updated: Frey 61 Dec 12 '14 at 01:14
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