How to integrate CDCl3 (d-chloroform) peak area which is overlapped with other peaks?

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Hi All, I would like to get suggestion about how to integrate the peak area of CDCl3 which is overlapped with other pea...
Posted: Jiping Yang 1 / Updated: John Hollerton 96 Sep 10 at 03:53

Air dryer system issues

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We have a pressure-swing adsorption air dryer that is identical to the one shown here on the NMR wiki (Balston 75-20, cu...
Posted: slongwell 3 / Updated: Jerry Hirschinger 189 Jul 23 at 06:50

simple stddiff parameters

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Hi, I'm working on a bruker avance 400 spectrometer and using topspin version 1.3 software. I want to get a std-nmr (sat...
Updated: nfromdicle 1 Jul 12 at 05:56

Watergate spikes around solvent

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Hi, When I use my watergate I get symmetrical spikes around the residual water signal. Is there a way of minimizing the...
Updated: gravatar 49 Aug 20 at 07:47

167ppm CH of a indole

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I have a proton value at 8.07ppm and carbon 167ppm correlate to a CH proton I think it's a proton at 3 position of a ind...
Posted: din 1 / Updated: VVK 61 Jul 08 at 04:34

how do you use topshim 3d in topspin?

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Hi, when I try to use topshim 3d i get an error message saying that it can only be used for 1H although 1H is what I use...
Posted: gravatar 49 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Jul 07 at 07:39

Translating Varian to Bruker, "phase=1,2"

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I'm trying to translate a Varian pulse sequence into a Bruker pulse program. For the Varian Inova sequence with the par...
Posted: Craig Grimmer 31 / Updated: vltr 1 Jul 14 at 13:17


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Is it possible to obtain this experiment with a BBI 400 MHz probe? All the tries I have made they have been unsuccessful...
Posted: Gohuma1 1 / Updated: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 Jun 26 at 19:35

Software to simulate pulse sequences

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Hi, I'm interested in software for windows or linux that simulate the effect of pulses, delay AND gradients using the pr...
Posted: marcs 11 / Updated: Bharathwaj 112 Jun 22 at 08:15

Topspin3.2 deconvolution, border peaks are cutted off

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Greetings, I've some annoying issue with Topspin and deconvolution. No matter what I'm trying to do, border peaks are a...
Posted: Arkadiusz Leniak 152 / Updated: Ulrich Haunz 167 Jun 16 at 07:48


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