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Dear all, If I make the projection of the 1H -15N plane from the HNCO and compare it to the HSQC of the same sample, the resolution of the projection in the N dimension is much lower. I know it has something to do with the fact that the HSQC has constant-time (1/Jcoupling) in the evolution time (if I understood correctly), but I don't understand why in the HNCO is like that.

Can anybody technically explain?

Thank you very much.

asked Jul 26 '16 at 01:41

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A possible reason is that you usually have far fewer increments (data points) - typically maybe 32 or 64 - in the 15N dimension of a 3D HNCO than you would have in a 2D HSQC - typically 128 or maybe more. This keeps the 3D acquisition time and data matrix size reasonable.



answered Sep 06 '16 at 11:30

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Kirk Marat

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