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I have been trying to elucidate the 3D structure of oxidized glutathione (M.Wt= 612.63 g/mol) with the help of roesy distance restrains. However, the intensity of roesy peaks is coming out to be 0. Instrument: Bruker Avance II (2005 model) spectrometer. operating frequency: 400 MHz Molar concentration of GSSG= 200mM, pH=7.4 Mixing time= 600msec Relaxation delay= 3 Sec processor= ACD/NMR processor Please give some suggestions to avail appropriate peak intensity.

asked Jan 18 '14 at 02:50

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Well, first I will process the spectrum using Bruker software to check if you have similar results. Then I will reduce the spin lock to 300 ms. Finally, not related answer, I think GSSG have no structure. GSH alone is unstructured in solution, there are several evidences in literature. Check if you have aggregation, GSH aggregates at 150 mM. Good luck


answered Jan 20 '14 at 22:46

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Asked: Jan 18 '14 at 02:50

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