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Hi all,

I need to make a figure containing a 2D NMR spectrum for a paper. Has anyone figured out a good way to do this? The journal requires the figure to be editable, thus I need to end up with PostScript, eps, or similar (not jpg, png, etc).

Thanks, Mark

asked Sep 23 '13 at 09:03

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2 Answers:
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The vast majority of NMR processing/analysis software can export graphics to pdf. This can then "easily" be opened by vector graphics software and subsequently edited there. Finally, you can save it in whatever vector graphics format you want.

To name a possible combination of programs I'd say use "CcpNMR Analysis" to open the 2D spectrum you previously processed using TopSpin/VNMRJ/Whatever and print the window as pdf. This can then be opened for example using InkScape. Or in Adobe Illustrator. TopSpin also directly exports PDF files.

In your vector graphics program (InkScape, Illustrator...) you can then illustrate the graphics to your liking (fonts, line thicknesses, labels...) and export the version ready for publication.


answered Sep 23 '13 at 14:13

Pascal%20Fricke's gravatar image

Pascal Fricke

Interesting. I didn't realize that could be done from pdf. Thanks! - wilsonmv (Sep 24 '13 at 08:11)

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If you are running Topspin then you can output to Postscript directly. Just select the "Export" menu (under the disk icon on Topspin 3.x or under the file menu from earlier versions). Just name your file {myfile}.ps (where {myfile} is your choice) and the file will be saved as Postscript. Note that the "ps" option has disappeared from some versions of Topspin 3 but it will still work as long as you use the ".ps" extension for your filename...


answered Dec 09 '13 at 09:44

John%20Hollerton's gravatar image

John Hollerton

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