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Hi, I have been trying to implement some pulse sequences from literature into Bruker format. However, when it comes to the phase cycling part, I have to struggle a lot to get them to work. I know phase cycling can be implemented in various ways. Can someone give me some tips/insights on how to implement them in Bruker format in particular?

asked Apr 12 '13 at 09:18

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Hi Nmrman,

Understanding how phase cycling works is important to implement or modify an existing pulse sequence. Together gradient pulses and PC are used for coherence selection and artifact removal (pi pules imperfection). In 2D experiments frequency discrimination (cos/sin modulation in t1) & axial peak shifts are realized through phase cycling. Great deal of practical and theoretical aspects of phase cycling are explained in Prof. James Keeler's lecture no 9 (www-keeler.ch.cam.ac.uk/lectures/understanding/chapter_9.pdf). You can also search for excellent review articles in journals like 'progress in magnetic resonances' and 'concepts in magnetic resonance'. After which if you try deciphering a standard Bruker/Varian sequences (HSQC), you will become familiar with its implementation.

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answered Apr 14 '13 at 21:11

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