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Anybody can use Gsim for 2D liquid spectra transformation? I can not transform correctly the TopSpin .ser files. Which processing options can I use for the correct transformation?

asked Mar 02 '13 at 04:38

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3 Answers:
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Warning! Shameless self promotoion: :-)

Not sure if Gsim can, but SpinWorks certainly can process 1D, 2D (3D soooon...) Bruker, Varian/Agilent, and several other formats.

Available at:



answered Mar 04 '13 at 09:40

Kirk%20Marat's gravatar image

Kirk Marat

updated Mar 04 '13 at 09:42

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"gsim", "DQD", "qf" and "qseq" are acquisition modes from Bruker. Some of our system running in the "DQD" mode, others in the "qsim" mode. Normally the software can cope with it.

Maybe your data are corrupted, then there is no processing possible. Have you transfered the data to another computer? Did you keep FTP in the binary mode running? If the transfer was done in text mode, then the data are corrupted afterwards through FTP!

Try MestreNOVA to open the data, try to open not the ".ser" data, please open in the pdata folder the ".2rr" data set!




answered Mar 06 '13 at 05:48

Ulrich%20Haunz's gravatar image

Ulrich Haunz

I think he is refering to gsim, the software, and not qsim the acquisition mode. - Kirk Marat (Mar 08 '13 at 12:20)

You are correct Kirk, I have mistaken it, ... qsim with gsim. GSIM is a program by Vadim Zorin, he knows, how to import the Bruker data correctly! - Ulrich Haunz (Mar 11 '13 at 01:51)

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Could you provide the data to vadim_zorin(at)mail.ru - I can give it a try.


answered Mar 07 '13 at 02:40

Vadim%20Zorin's gravatar image

Vadim Zorin

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