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We are using a Varian300autoSW probe, which had previously worked well with no problems spinning samples. We had switched this probe out with a solids probe for some time and when we put the liquids probe back in, the liquids probe was no longer able to spin samples. We are well aware of all of the problems with dirt in the upper bore tube or on the spinner causing problems with sample spinning and have taken to time clean each of these throroughly. We believe that somehow there is a problem with the VNMRJ (2.2D) software setting that occured after switching probes. The reason we think this is that we have an old sundisk we previously used for this instrument. When I hook up the old sundisk (vnrmj 1.1D), the sample spins with no problems. Something we think might also be relevant is the CPU running VNMRJ 2.2D reports an error message in the terminal screen: 'masSpeedWrap.c' line: 139, * Speed Controller had problem with 'S' command.

This message is clearly about the solids probe. We've searched the vnmrj manuals and throughout the internet but cannot find a solution for our VNMRJ2.2D computer not being able to spin samples or what is causing the MAS error message.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, we would be extremely grateful


Quinn Best

asked Jan 24 '13 at 15:46

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quinn best

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maybe it is only a software problem, ... you told VnmrJ, ... probe='xxx' when you switched back to your high resolution liquid side.

Did you also tell VnmrJ 2.2.D the type of your rotating device?

spintype? tells you the actual setting.

spintype='liquids' is the correct setting now, if you want to rotate vertically the 5 mm tubes up to some Hertz!

My suggestion is, the system tries to spin your 5 mm vertical glas tube in MAS style? Then there is the setting set to spintype='mas'.

In VNMR 6.1.C you have to take a tick out or in somewhere to switch between MAS and liquids style for rotation! Good luck!

Yours sincerely,



answered Jan 25 '13 at 06:52

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Ulrich Haunz

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Dear Quinn,

Did you manage to solve the problem? I'm having the same issue and could only come up with this website!! Any help will be highly appreciated.

Regards, Miguel


answered Feb 09 '18 at 06:48

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