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How to measure t2 of 1H in solid state nmr? we use saturation burst followed by cp to measure T1 of 1H in solid state indirectly.

asked Feb 29 '12 at 08:49

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do not mix T1, T1 rho and T2! These are different things about relaxation.

Which spectrometer are you using?

Some help you can read here:


In Bruker style, if you want to do T1-measurement, you can use the saturation transfer technique, there is a special "pulsprog" for this purpose - satrect1.

If you want to observe the T1 under rotating frame instant - there you need the t1rho version!

With T2 there you need the "cpmg" pulsprog to do this! There you have to define the loops of the echos, and for the processing you have to recalc the loops into the variable delays! This is a painful job for the calculator!

At Varian/Agilent it is not so hard, there you have also to select the different experiments.

Yours sincerely,

Ulrich Haunz


answered Mar 05 '12 at 03:34

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Ulrich Haunz

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