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I am having problems with a Varian Gemini 300 console. During the troubleshooting process, I noticed that the number of green lights activated on all of the transmitter boards has changed. In the schematic manual, these lights are labeled as XMTR, LOCK, OFF, and L0. However, I cannot find any more information as to what exactly these lights indicate. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

asked Jul 22 '11 at 07:01

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I know they are going to be changed if there sample is locked, if the xmitter is pulsing during acquisition etc etc. What are your symptoms that have you headed to xmitter board? With the xmitter it's pretty straight forward but can tell you light hunting wont be very helpful as there are too many variables as to when you did/are currently looking at it. I worked at Varian as an FSE for a time and had done some contracting on my own for a long time. Shoot me an email at calcarpenter@hotmail.com and if it sounds familiar I'll relay my experience.Take care.



answered Jul 23 '11 at 10:15

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cal carpenter

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