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I'm trying to display a 3D Varian file in VNMRJ. I can see values in the fid file (using the "od" utility) and convert the file to NMRPipe format. When I try to process the file in VNMRJ I get the message "No data in data file." I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed.

asked Jan 17 '11 at 13:20

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Hi Gerard,

I have faced this problem a few times. And this happened to me because I am used to export the complete folder (exp####) from vnmrsys directory to my hard drive and work with it. Also I delete the datdir inside every exp#### folder (which has the data and phasefile that come up after processing the spectra in VNMRJ) which occupies some space. So when you import it back to the vnmrsys directory and if the datdir is missing, I have seen VNMRJ give such errors. All I do to evade that is create an empty datdir directory and it works just fine. Hope this helps!



answered Jan 19 '11 at 09:05

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