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Beginners question: checking probe and multinulear ability in Bruker machines

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Hi All, This may be a daft question, but how do I go about identifying the probe in our NMR machine, and hence whether ...
Posted: blankchem 11 / Updated: Kirk Marat 711 Jul 04 '14 at 08:51

What is radiation damping?

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What makes very strong signals broader - just due to the interaction of the sample with the detection coil - what is the...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: Kirk Marat 711 Feb 08 '10 at 05:47

Please suggest experiments that push the power limits of NMR probes

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I'm trying to come up with reasonable tests of probe performance for all channels by simulating conditions at which arci...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: SankarampadiAravamudhan 91 Oct 22 '10 at 01:56

How to use network analyzer or oscilloscope to tune and match NMR probe?

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Hello, could someone share directions on how to tune and match NMR probe RF circuit using a network analyzer? We have a ...
Posted: Evgeny Fadeev 5771 / Updated: Kirk Marat 711 Jan 14 '10 at 11:51

What happens if NMR probe is not perfectly tuned/matched?

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What may happen if probe tuning/matching is not perfect besides loss in the sensitivity, any more subtle details? Whoul...
Posted: Magnethead 42 / Updated: carl carter 21 Feb 22 '10 at 16:10

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