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TopSpin: 3D experiment with vc list

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Question about how to make a 3D experiment in which one of the dimensions is a variable counter (vc) list. I'm using Top...
DaanMR 1 Jun 05 '14 at 08:26

multiple-quantum diffusion measurements

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Dear all, My first question here, I hope that someone can help! In a paper describing a method to measure diffusion us...
Daan 11 Sep 11 '12 at 00:34

sample not spining

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HI I am faceing spining problem on av-300 bruker instrument. I have change spinner,clean shim stack but the problem is s...
Jerry Hirschinger 199 Sep 12 '11 at 09:31

Diffusion constant range measurable by NMR?

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What is the range of diffusion constants accessible by PFG NMR methods? Could anyone provide specific examples for the ...
Adolfo Botana 91 Nov 02 '09 at 07:31

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